New Video: PAPA | Hold On

PAPA premiered their ‘vintage-horror like’ new video for ‘Hold On‘ on Noisey late last week and lead singing drummer, Weiss, described the process as “Without really meaning to, our video turned out like some kind of vintage horror film, doing its best to look futuristic. And even though it was unintentional, I think it compliments the music even more than we had intended. There’s a lot in the song about the dread to be modern, or rather to fit in to contemporary culture. The only thing creepier than current pop culture to me, is trying to squeeze yourself into it. So even though the video ended up being more nightmarish than intended, I think it really gets the point across.

…the song itself is a protest. The energy and rhythm we set to the lyrics are the antidote to all the noise that makes us want to hold on in the first place.”

And to reiterate what Noisey said, that bass line. Holy funk.

click through to watch the video