JJAMZ “Heartbeat” Video Premiere on MTV

with a name like JJAMZ, you know dudes (and dudette!) are going to deliver the, well, jams, essentially. The indie-pop supergroup — composed of musicians who’ve worked with (hmm, that sounded weird, but it’s true) The Like, Rilo KileyBright EyesMaroon 5 andMark Ronson, to name a few — is about to drop their debut album, Suicide Pact. And after hearing “Heartbeat,” you’re going to want to live forever so you can watch the hook-filled, dramatic electro-pop video again.

The video’s definitely trapped in the ’80s, paying homage to the decade’s classic horror movies. After opening with a spooky PSA about girls getting kidnapped, it finds singer Z Berg singing the chorus while struggling to escape the clutches of a creepy old man. Multi-tasking! Like all good slashers, the video ends with a twist… fingers crossed Berg’s heart’s still beating.

Suicide Pact is out on L.A. super-indie Dangerbird tomorrow, with “Hearbeat” available for the low, low price of one e-mail.