Fractures’ – Won’t Win | Music Video premier on SPIN

Fractures’ Alt-R&B Spawns a Domestic Cold War in Won’t Win Video

Australian singer/producer releases an eponymous EP on July 4

If you don’t yet know Melbourne resident Mark Zita, now’s a pretty good time for an good look into the singer/producer’s heart and soul. Recording under the name Fractures, he plays like a slightly slicker James Blake or How to Dress Well — an R&Bist with an alternative approach, and an ear for what works. At least, that’s how the man comes across on his latest single, “Won’t Win.” And above, director Jeff Andersen Jnr. gives the song’s lyrics a fairly literal treatment, depicting a tense domestic standoff between Zita and a young love interest. Still, as the clip carries on, something fantastical and a little disturbing begins to take place. Watch above, and check out the Fractures EP, which is out July 4.