JJAMZ featured in USA Today

In today’s USA Today, JJAMZ receive recognition for “Heartbeat”, which is used in the “New MySpace” relaunch campaign.

JJAMZ’s “Heartbeat” featured on Myspace Relaunch Video

Check out the new MySpace relaunch video below:

JJAMZ on MTV’s Awkward this Thursday!

This week’s episode of MTV’s Awkward will feature JJAMZ’s “Never Enough” and “Get What You Want”. Tune in on Thursday September 20 @ 10:30PM EST/PST.

JJAMZ perform “Heartbeat” on Jimmel Kimmel Live

Check out JJAMZ performance on Jimmel Kimmel Live!

Spotify Session: JJAMZ performs ‘Suicide Pact’ with Spotify On Tour

The fine folks over at Spotify had JJAMZ come in to play an intimate session on their Big Green Bus – checkout the video below:

Spotify Session: JJAMZ performs ‘Suicide Pact’ with Spotify On Tour

Spotify on Tour has kicked off its 5-month road trip! The Big Green Bus, proudly sponsored by Bacardi, celebrated its debut with a kick off event in Los Angeles, CA featuring JJAMZ, the band composed of James Valentine (Maroon 5), Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes), Alex Greenwald (Phantom Planet), Michael Runion, and Z Berg (The Like).

JJAMZ “Heartbeat” Video Premiere on MTV

with a name like JJAMZ, you know dudes (and dudette!) are going to deliver the, well, jams, essentially. The indie-pop supergroup — composed of musicians who’ve worked with (hmm, that sounded weird, but it’s true) The Like, Rilo KileyBright EyesMaroon 5 andMark Ronson, to name a few — is about to drop their debut album, Suicide Pact. And after hearing “Heartbeat,” you’re going to want to live forever so you can watch the hook-filled, dramatic electro-pop video again.

The video’s definitely trapped in the ’80s, paying homage to the decade’s classic horror movies. After opening with a spooky PSA about girls getting kidnapped, it finds singer Z Berg singing the chorus while struggling to escape the clutches of a creepy old man. Multi-tasking! Like all good slashers, the video ends with a twist… fingers crossed Berg’s heart’s still beating.

Suicide Pact is out on L.A. super-indie Dangerbird tomorrow, with “Hearbeat” available for the low, low price of one e-mail.