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Another sexy soundtrack from Her.

This time it’s “Five Minutes” for the French campaign for Yves Saint Laurent.

Simon Carpentier

Last night, we lost an artist, a friend, and a brother.

“It is with a heavy heart that we write this post today.
Simon left us Sunday evening after years of fighting against cancer. He fought like a lion till the very end and the messages of encouragement and love that you all communicated to him, whether while he was on stage or in person, gave him the strength to hold on. Concerts were his vital strength and the reason why he kept on fighting as long as he did. Thank you all so much.
Simon was my best friend, my colleague, my brother in arms. Together we made a promise. We promised to continue step by step on this incredible adventure. Today I carry his legacy within me and it is my wish as well as the wish of the entire Her team to continue to bring our music along as far as possible. We will continue performing and thus we will be at Rock en Seine.
We are also finishing our first album: for him, for us and for you all.
My deepest and most profound wish is to make him proud and to follow through with this dream we’ve shared for 10 years now. All our thoughts, as yesterday and tomorrow, are with his family and loved ones.”
– Victor

Photo taken by Diane Moyssan at Garorock festival, Simon’s last concert and one of the best


We are incredibly inspired by our artist and friend, Simon Carpentier, co-leader of our favorite French sensual pop band, Her.
We support you.
We surround you.
We fight with you.
We are here for you.
Nous t’aimons
– bumper, karyn, chris, madison & emily

“In a few words we would like to explain what is happening to us, and more precisely to me, Simon.

I’ve been battling against cancer for a few years now. My family, friends, music and especially the live shows give me strength to overcome the treatments and have some great times.

Unfortunately, due to my illness, I have to refuse certain opportunities. That’s why I’m not in some videos and from now on, won’t be performing all of the shows.

However, we believe we shouldn’t give up and always have hope. So our friend Desmond Myers will replace me when I won’t be able to make it. It allows us to keep on fighting and move on.

Unfortunately, cancer still touches far too many people and some of you are probably affected by it. It’s a difficult experience but I believe we can try to turn it into something positive. We shouldn’t give up or allow fear to dictate to us. We should live, focus on what we can achieve and surround oursleves with our loved ones who help us overcome bad times. Illness can help us take a step back, think of what matters most and keep close by our loved ones.

I’m lucky enough to be able to make a living out of my passion, to travel, create and meet fantastic people. That’s why, as long as I am able to, I will continue to share these moments with you, hoping they bring you as many emotions as they do for me and give you some hope and happiness.

Simon Carpentier

Shot on iPhone – Her

Hidden Track Music scored one of the new Shot on iPhone commercials, which features ‘Five Minutes‘ by Her!

Click through below to watch the piece shot by Mitchell H. in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!