Tourist takes Saucony for a “Run”


“Here’s what we love about running.

You decide to push. You decide when you’ve had enough. No one makes you do it. No one cares if you don’t.

That’s how it is in running. That’s it is in life. You decide.

To try something. To be something. To shake something up.

It’s your world. How you run it is up to you.”

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Meet R.LUM.R, the Classical Guitarist Turned Spotify Playlist Sensation


R.Lum.R achieved a neat trick with his single “Frustrated.” The track lurches and heaves like an old power ballad, but it’s gussied up with enough modern knickknacks – buzzing synths, pitch-shifted vocals – to stand next to the rock or electronic music you encounter on the airwaves today. The song has been embraced by R&B listeners on Spotify, amassing more than 15 million streams.

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One Love Manchester – Liam Gallagher and Coldplay – Live Forever

Liam Gallagher performed ‘Live Forever’ with Chris Martin at One Love Manchester.

Ariana Grande led a star-studded benefit concert called One Love Manchester with appearances by hit-makers Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Coldplay, Liam Gallagher, Marcus Mumford, Pharrell Williams and others to raise money for victims of the terrorist attack on her concert last month. The show, which took place at the Old Trafford Cricket Ground and included a section for attendees of the original concert, had sold out in under six minutes.

ROLLING STONE – 10 New Artists You Need to Know: R.LUM.R – June 2017



Sounds Like: A singer/songwriter armored to compete in a world dominated by trap and EDM

For Fans of: N.E.R.D. ballads, Gallant, Troye Sivan

Why You Should Pay Attention: When R.Lum.R (pronounced “Ar-Lamar”) released “Frustrated” in 2016, Spotify threw its weight behind the power ballad, putting it on playlists like Are & Be, which boasts 3.3 million followers, and using his photograph as the face of the “Alternative R&B” playlist for months. “Frustrated” has now accumulated more than 15 million streams on the service, and it recently started getting played on Urban AC radio stations. On August 11th, R.Lum.R will build on this with the Afterimage EP.

He Says: Reggie Williams Jr. spent years training as a classical guitarist before hitting the Orlando bar circuit as an acoustic troubadour. “I was doing my best John Mayer impersonation, essentially,” he says. The dense electronic production he records as R.Lum.R was discovered accidentally during an experiment writing songs to potentially pitch to artists like Jason DeRulo and Chris Brown.

“The last year of college was one of the hardest years of my life because of all the trepidation: I had built up my whole life to be this classical guy, and people understood me to be this thing,” he says. “You’re essentially just doing a completely different thing, and you don’t know if people are going to go with you on that. I figured, why keep studying commercial music, why not go do it? The same thing happened when I switched over from Reggie Williams music to R.Lum.R. I started doing this as a side project, and I didn’t know people were going to react so strongly. But I really like lots of types of music. Why not explore them?”

Hear for Yourself: On “Frustrated,” R.Lum.R is suspended in a state of torturous indecision. “I’m screaming underwater every time I say goodbye,” he sings, creeping through the verses and crashing through the hooks. Elias Leight


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